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  1. Kenyalang or Padungan?
    We would recommend Kenyalang if you are looking for a long term stay in a more quiet and peaceful surrounding. Recommended for students, couples, families or anyone on business travel.
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    Padungan is more suitable for backpackers, solo travellers, couples and families for short stays.
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  2. Breakfast
    Breakfast is only included in the price in Padungan branch, but both hostels have plenty of local restaurants within few minutes walking distance.

  3. Bedding
    Sheets, blankets, pillows and towels are provided in both hostels.

  4. Internet
    Wifi is provided for free in both hostels and reachable to all rooms.

  5. Luggage storage
    In case you wish to explore farther places in Sarawak then you are most welcome to leave your extra luggage behind. Just be sure to inform us your travel plans.
  6. Kitchen
    Both hostels have basic cooking facilities, including gas cooker, cutlery etc

  7. Curfew
    We only have curfew in Padungan hostel, where we lock the doors at midnight, but no need to worry! If you plan on coming back late then let us know in advance.

  8. Arrival
    The easiest and cheapest way to reach out hostels is by using Uber, which will cost you about RM 10.